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Название: Geometrics: A New Way to Crochet

Автор: Ruthie Marks, Leisure Arts 4398

Формат: pdf Язык: eng Размер: 15Mb Описание: More than 25 crochet designs: Dragon Curve designs include Luxury Scarf, Diamond Shawl, Craft Tote for All Reasons, Jute Doormat, Ruffles Afghan, and Labyrinth (wall hanging); Golden Ratio designs include Golden Scarf, Summer Wall Hanging, Star Afghan, Flower Power Pillow, Puzzle Placemats, and Garden Poncho; and Fibonacci Sequence designs include Scarlet Scarf, Striped Rug, Square Baskets, Afghans and Pillows, Circles Poncho, and Checkered Rug.



Geometrics: A New Way to Crochet

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